MLB is trying to kill Johnny Pesky

Ok..enough is enough…Does’nt MLB have anything better to do than torture 88 year old Johnny Pesky?…Johnny has been a part of Red Sox Nation for almost 70 years…and now "They" have decided (after the approximatley 20+ years he has resided in the Sox dugout) to enforce the rule that states "only the manager and 6 coaches are allowed in the dugout during a game".,..this is OUTRAGEOUS!…Johnny Pesky IS Redsox baseball!…I have one thing to say….LET JOHNNY STAY!!!




    This person is right we should learn from the Japanese and respect our older citizens. Mr. Pesky should be allowed to stay in the dugout and maybe more teams should get their retired player involved with the game. I know that the fans would love it just like Boston fans love Johnny Pesky.


    Why would MLB want to break the spirit of a man who has givena nd can conyinue to give his life to our national pastime. LET JOHNNY STAY!


    When did MLB become political? Johnny Pesky IS RED SOX Baseball!! Pesky should stay and the fans should have the last vote!!


    how dare mlb treat Johny pPesky that way, he has more integrety than Barry Bonds and they still let that jerk in the in the dug out, he shouldnt even
    be allowed in the park , i think mlb owes Pesky an appology, terri hoey


    Funny Times. I was brought up to respect my elders. Apparently it is now okay to hurt and humiliate them. Johnny Pesky IS the Red Sox. I suggest we take up a collection and pay the MLB their fines from it every time they try to enforce it. I hae a feeling plenty of money can be raised for the purpose.


    This is just wrong…maybe mlb would let him back in if he was listed as a “medical trainer”. the sox should try it just for kicks


    The Red Sox are Johnny Pesky’s life! They treat him with respect so why can’t the league?? He was thrilled beyond words in 2004 when they won the WS. When they let him ride up front in the parade he looked like he would burst with pride! It’s such a joy to see him so happy! I got such a kick out of him running out of the dugout to receive his ring this year with a bat in his hand! Who knows how many years this man has left — let him enjoy himself!! He is such a sweetheart! It’s like denying your grandfather his last request for crying out loud!! Give the poor man a break! I agree with the first comment posted – the MLB needs to learn respect from the Japanese!!

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